Customer Support & Insight

About Customer Support & Insight

The Customer Assurance department within Canada consists of two unique support areas: Customer Assurance Core and Customer Support.

The Core area aims to strengthen the journey for our customers through effective complaint handling and prevention. If someone has a concern with their policy or the service they’ve received, and the issue cannot be corrected at the point of call, the situation will be escalated to our Customer Assurance Executives.

The CA Executive will investigate and correspond with the customer accordingly to ensure a fair and balanced resolution is achieved.

The Customer Support area assists our most vulnerable customers across the business. Customers are escalated to this area when our frontline agents have identified that extra care is required when dealing with their policy. Customer Support works closely with customers where someone on their policy has passed away. They are empathetic, compassionate, and supportive during a difficult period. They take ownership for the policy and become the sole contact for the policy during this time.

Customer Support also encompasses our Affordability area. The Halifax team are the only team in the business who assist customers in this manner. The team was created in response to the unprecedented Global Pandemic to assist customers who had become financially affected by Covid-19. However, this has since expanded and all customers experiencing financial difficulties are now assisted by Customer Support.

Ensuring our customers are treated fairly and provided with a resolution to their concerns is paramount to us. Using objectivity, meticulousness and written and verbal communication skills are crucial to succeeding in both areas, as is prioritizing workloads, and working independently. Throughout the whole journey a supportive and compassionate approach is always conveyed and our customers are always at the forefront of everything we do.