A Career in New Business

About New Business

New Business is all about making sure our customer's first experience with us is an excellent one. As the first point of contact for those looking to start their insurance coverage, it’s important that we deliver an efficient, high-quality service to every person we speak to. Over 90% of our customers will have sourced a quotation online from a price comparison website, which means most of the data is in front of us already - our priority is helping them get their policy off the ground. It's a sales role with a difference; our callers want to buy from us!

It isn't about being aggressive or pushy, it's about making sure every customer finds their perfect fit.

Handling around 25 inbound calls a day, we are experts at guiding our customers through the buying process, informing them of both our insurance policies and optional add-on products. This allows the customer the opportunity to shape their coverage to meet their personal needs and circumstances. This is a complex role, which will include motor, van, and household insurance. You will need to have a thorough understanding of all three products, absorbing the theory before applying it practically on calls.

All UK insurance products are subject to regulation. These regulations ensure that policies are reasonable and fair to our customers – leaving no gaps in coverage unknown to policyholders. This means being detail-oriented is essential to delivering high-quality performance. You’ll need to read scripts word-for-word while adapting to new procedures or ways of doing things. Accuracy is highly valued and rewarded around here.

It is important that you enjoy challenges and pushing yourself, but also thrive off constructive feedback as we provide ongoing guidance to further improve your skills, to help you earn as much supplementary bonus income as you can. You don’t need any previous sales experience, but you will need confidence with a willingness to learn, with the motivation to push yourself to succeed and meet targets, while never losing sight of the importance of empathy and excellent customer service.

Key factors of the role:

  • The industry is competitive: UK car insurance is compulsory. Customers typically use comparison sites and shop around for the best price.
  • Discounts: Through qualifying questions, we find opportunities to bundle products like cars & home for our customers, to help them save money.
  • Products: We offer additional insurance products to customize the policy to our customer’s individual needs.
  • Accepting the policy: Multi-product discounts allow us to get the best possible price – a major deciding factor in their acceptance of the policy.

Main responsibilities of a Sales Representative:

  • Provide fantastic customer service for our customers.
  • Handle roughly 25 inbound calls daily, efficiently.
  • Use tools provided to negotiate and accept new policies.
  • Upsell multi-van, multi-product, and related ancillary products such as breakdown cover.
  • Accurately read scripts and follow procedures correctly.
  • Log front line customer complaints.
  • Hit department targets.
  • Attend training sessions and apply feedback.

A Career in New Business