Inside Admiral

Halifax Staff Celebrate Five Years

Halifax employees that started with Admiral in the first half of 2012 were recently recognized with an onsite reception to mark their fifth anniversary with the company.

Over a dozen employees received an hour out of their workday to enjoy a light meal and collect $100 in 'thank you' Sobeys gift cards, along with the iconic five year crystal glass award that every celebrating employee receives.
"Five years at any organisation is a great milestone," Nick Beynon, Admiral Halifax HR Manager, said. 

Beynon, who spoke at the reception, took attendees for a trip down memory lane, recounting how Admiral's business, and the global landscape on a whole, had changed over the previous five years.

"Admiral is fortunate to have such a crop of talented and dedicated employees. It's important in these events to paint a picture of how significant dedicating five years of your working career to one employer is."

Congratulations to all celebrating employees and thank you for the contributions and continued commitments to our organization over the last half decade!

Pictured above (left to right): Stephen Gillis, Jennifer Doubleday, Naranda Downey, Clarke Frye, Linda Matheson, Nikita Johnston, Vanessa Farmer, Joanne Gaudet, Barb Poole, Donald Houle, Nick Beynon (absent: Keri Leblanc, Ryan Mansfield).