Inside Admiral

Canada Crew Celebrates Silver Anniversaries!

In 2007 we opened our doors for the first time at Admiral Canada with about two dozen employees in a modest headquarters at Halifax's Bayer's Road Shopping Centre. They were undoubtedly simpler times! 

A lot has changed in the last 16 years – we've grown beyond Halifax (also moved offices on three separate occasions), added new business lines, and have seen faces come and others go. However, an unwavering part of our business is a group that has, by and large, seen it all. They are the dedicated folks who have called Admiral home for the last 15 or more years of their professional lives.

We recently celebrated those colleagues reaching their monumental silver anniversaries at Admiral with a special 'thank you' afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the workday.

Sixteen employees marked this milestone, our inaugural 15 year length-of-service celebration, with an expense-paid afternoon on the private yacht Reverie. The hour-and-a-half boat cruise offered the group a fun, relaxing view of Halifax Harbour before disembarking for dinner at the Mercantile Social later in the afternoon.

"The atmosphere was phenomenal: relaxed, fun, great weather, great people, and delicious food," commented Workplace Services Manager Jennifer Meisner, who celebrates 15 years with Admiral this year.

Along with an afternoon off to celebrate, each colleague received a $4,500 bonus and two additional weeks of vacation to use in 2023. They will also receive a ceramic dragon Grogg commemorating their incredible length of service.

"Sitting with my peers and reflecting on our memories and how much we have grown makes you grateful to work for Admiral Canada! I can't wait for the years to come," Meisner reflected.

Congratulations to everyone who has celebrated this significant workplace milestone: Cathy Keeping, Kathy Grouse, Wade Arnold, Jennifer Meisner, Dave Hayter, Natalie O'Brien, Angela Rhodenizer, Andrew Monaghan, Karen Findlay, Clint Riley, Thomas Vaughan, John Kaiser, Surender Mohandas, Carnesia Connors, Jimmy Connors. 

Thank you for your amazing contributions to our business over the years!