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Admiral Partners with Maple in Support of Colleague Health and Wellness

A virtual care benefit is giving peace of mind and helping Admiral employees save time during a challenging period for our health care system.

Maple telemedicine has been gaining momentum over the last few years as an alternative to doctors' offices, walk-in clinics and emergency rooms, promising quick access to general practitioners, prescription refills, referrals, and other services. While it’s available widely to the public for free, there are some limitations in place on usage frequency and ease of access. Nova Scotians, for example, receive two no-cost consults by appointment through VirtualCare, with a cost entailed thereafter.

Added to our benefits last year as our incoming telemedecine provider, Maple ensures our Canadian employees and their families have no-strings-attached access to professional, quality care whenever needed - by appointment or on-demand. Through the service’s app, they can log on, confirm their ID, describe a health concern with optional image attachments, and quickly get connected to a live physician chat.

“It’s fully covered through bi-monthly benefits deductions. So, we have unlimited, around-the-clock care without any additional fees for a standard consult,” says Benefits Coordinator Karine McCormick, who oversaw Maple’s inclusion in Admiral’s group benefits beginning in January 2023.

In addition to an industry-leading five weeks of vacation beginning in year one of employment, and unique programs like a Life Loan, Maple offers stress reduction and enhanced quality of life for Admiral colleagues, and their families, saving them wait times at crowded emergency rooms and clinics for common ailments and prescription refills.

“Because they use a network of physicians across the country, the average wait time for an Admiral employee to see a doctor has been about five minutes,” McCormick notes.

That turnaround time has contributed to positive impressions from our workforce. On average, colleagues scored their overall Maple satisfaction level at 4.62/5. That’s based on over a thousand unique physician consults in 2023.

Of those, 30% said they would otherwise have visited a walk-in clinic, while 22% cited an emergency room as their next best care option.

“When you’re faced with potentially waiting hours versus less than a half hour, the time savings is absolutely considerable,” McCormick adds.

Canada Claims representative and on-the-go mom of two, Natasha Gollop, speaks highly of Maple. The service has become a first choice for her family's care based on the accessibility and professionalism she has experienced.

"We do have a family doctor, but it takes time to get an appointment. I decided to try Maple to avoid driving around on a weekend to find an open walk-in clinic. It's now my go-to when something comes up,” Gollop says.

“From the time of requesting a Maple appointment to having a prescription sent to our pharmacy, it was 20 minutes. Pretty much about as much time as making a cup of tea.”

Adrienne Walsh, a manager in Canada New Business, had a similar experience.

“Start to finish, we’ve had our daughter seen, diagnosed and treatment prescribed in less than a half hour. This would never happen in our family doctor’s office, a walk in and certainly not the hospital.”

Maple, which is available from day one of employment, has become a signature component of our comprehensive benefits plan and employee wellness strategy.

Karine McCormick says the benefits add up quickly for all stakeholders.

“It can help reduce sick leave for the company, eliminates wait times and travel expenses for our employees, and reduces the burden on healthcare facilities. There are so many upsides to having this service available. Plus, it fosters a positive work environment and shows that we care about our people, as people, and beyond work-related matters.”