Wellbeing and Engagement Manager 


How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started on June 16, 2008

Describe what you do.

I'm a Renewals Team Manager, so my role is to lead and support a motivated, results driven team who strive to deliver exceptional customer service. Simply put, my job is to provide strong leadership to my team that will in turn produce strong results and contribute to a very successful department.

What attracted you to Admiral?

The 'People who like what they do, do it better' philosophy. I love that everyone was outgoing, fun and wanted to succeed in their roles

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

Becoming a Team Manager. I knew right away I wanted to be a leader in the company so I worked really hard. Admiral also sent me to the UK in 2009 and I would not have had that opportunity without Admiral.

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

Determined, passionate, competitive and results driven. Also, patient, approachable and have a desire to see others grow in their roles.