People Services Executive


How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started in August 2013. 

Describe what you do

I lead and support the People Services team through the areas of recruitment, employee relations and benefits. Every day is different for me and my team and we are available to support the business operation with whatever is needed.  

What attracted you to Admiral?

It’s a great place to build a career! I have a lot of inspiring colleagues which are easy and fun to work with. I saw the opportunity to see human resources in a different light - in a contact centre that is recognized as a Top Employer and a Great Place to Work. I wanted to be a part of that success.

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

Recruitment! Each time we have a new intake I am astonished at the amount of work and co-ordination we put into it all. We spend time talking to many people during our heavy recruitment times and are always focused on finding the best of the best to come and work with us! 

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

Someone who is approachable and knowledgeable in all the functional areas of human resources. To be successful I need to be a subject matter expert or at least know where to find the proper resources. I am very happy to have Admiral continually support my professional development and to allow me to get involved wherever possible.