Senior Care Representative


Number of years at Admiral?

I've been with Admiral since March, 2016.

Describe what you do.  

As a Senior Care Representative, I'm responsible for supporting my team manager with coaching, development and keeping my team motivated. I also make sure I'm consistently setting an example for my co-workers by offering our customers the highest level of service. 

What attracted you to Admiral?

I came from a retail position which was not ideal with having a small child: long hours, lots of weekends - I knew I needed a change. I heard a lot of great things about Admiral before applying, so I gave it a try. The work/life balance is exactly what I was looking for to ensure I had enough time with my son. They also offered a great benefit package on top of the flexibility I was looking for.

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral? 

My recent promotion to SCR, which is our assistant management role. It is allowing me to do what I love which is helping others develop within Admiral to achieve their full potential along with continuing my own self-development. 

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

The kind of person that is self-motivated, determined and engaged. I love a challenge and seeing, if I really push myself, just how far can I go?