The Admiral Group sells private car and home insurance and related ancillary products to motorists throughout the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France and the United States. It does this through six brands in the UK: Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant.co.uk, Gladiator and Confused.com. In Spain our operation is Balumba.es; Le Lynx and L'Olivier in France; ConTe.it in Italy and Elephant.com in several states in the USA. Admiral's first overseas venture opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2007. The office currently employs over 450 staff who provide support through the sale and renewal of policies to the company's more than 3 million customers in the UK. Admiral is one of the largest employers in South Wales and employs over 6,000 staff worldwide. Admiral Group floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2004 and is currently the only FTSE100 listed company headquartered in Wales.

While Admiral's growth has been swift, some things remain the same as when the company first launched in 1993: the head office is still based in South Wales and the company continues to hold true to its original core values. At Admiral we believe that everyone with an interest in the success of the company is a stakeholder, this includes our staff, customers, the local community, our investors and suppliers. The company philosophy is that people who like what they do, will do it better. This is illustrated in the company's ministry of fun, which organizes fun events for everyone in the company both in and out of work. And after many years, Admiral still imparts a can-do ethic amongst everyone who works in the organization. Most important of all, Admiral values its customers above everything else and believes that delivering exemplary customer service is crucial for success.