Kyle Davis

Communications Coordinator

How long have you worked at Admiral?

I've been with Admiral since September, 2011.

Describe what you do.

As Halifax's Communications Coordinator I ensure our employees and external stakeholders are aware of company news, events and other significant happenings around the Admiral Group. I am also responsible for Admiral Halifax's social media accounts and activity, external employer of choice applications, company event facilitation, and Admiral's corporate social responsibility initiatives through sponsorships and our charity champion and community chest programs. 

What attracted you to Admiral?

For me, Admiral was originally a 'tide me over' job until I found something more aligned with what I studied in post secondary. As mostly everyone does, I began as a Customer Care Representative assisting our customers with renewing their motor policies. Very quickly, Admiral's philosophy of 'work hard, have fun' grew on me and soon enough the company was giving me additional responsibilities to grow and develop skills.

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

In 2015, I developed an application for Canada's Great Places to Work competition and we were fortunate enough to be successful in that application - earning a spot on the prestigious Best Workplaces List and also the list of Best Workplaces in Canada for Women. 

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

Someone who can jump from task to task both efficiently and seamlessly. Where my position draws on multiple skillsets, being able to change gears without a second thought is imperative. Also, to succeed in this role, one should have solid written and verbal communication skills as well as good time management ability.