Senior Care Representative

How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started in October, 2012.

Describe what you do.

As a Senior Care Representative (SCR) I spend my mornings supporting my team and coaching them on how they are able to improve their job performance and call statistics which, in turn, allows them to earn a larger incentive bonus. In the afternoons I assist our customers with renewing their motor policies. This involves explaining the products and services we offer, negotiating premiums and providing top quality customer service.

What Attracted you to Admiral?

I had friends that worked at Admiral and they were always telling me what a fun place it is and the support they felt from their team managers and trainers. I had been employed at a call centre before but soon realized working at Admiral was different in that it is such a positive place. This positivity motivates me to work harder and succeed at what I do.

What’s your greatest success in your role?

When I see someone on my team earn top dollar on their incentive. It tells me that they are taking on my coaching and want to succeed in their roles. It is also a reminder that I am making a difference in their professional lives with the feedback and suggestions I am providing.

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

You need to be positive, upbeat and prepared for anything to happen. My team looks to me to keep morale up if they are having an underwhelming day and there are times when they have questions that require accurate responses in a timely fashion.