How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started in June, 2013.

Describe what you do.

I am a New Business Trainer, and my job is to help you succeed in your new role! I may be the person who conducts your induction training and helps you with your day-to-day questions, or trains you for a different position.

What attracted you to Admiral?

Admiral is well known for their dedication to ensuring a good work/life balance for its staff. We work hard when we are here, however, there are ample opportunities to take time for outside interests.

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

Anytime that I help someone achieve a goal that they thought they couldn’t is always a success to me.  On a side note, representing Canada in the worldwide Admiral’s Got Talent show in the UK was a very unique experience.

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

A New Business trainer acts as the source of knowledge within the department, so you have to be constantly learning and seeking out answers to any conflicting information