Renewals Department Manager

How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started in June 1997!

Describe what you do.

My role is to build, lead and support a motivated, results driven team who strive to deliver exceptional customer service.  I have very high standards when it comes to looking after our customers and staff.  A “can do” positive attitude is essential in order to be successful in Renewals.  I fully embrace this approach on a daily basis, setting this as the expectation for all staff, in particular the leaders within the team.  Providing people with the opportunity to grow and develop in their role and a culture of support is what makes the other areas of my job possible.  Strategic planning, recruitment, budgeting, risk management, coaching are just some of the behind the scenes tasks but, simply put, my job is to provide strong leadership to my team that will in turn produce strong results and a very successful business.

What attracted you to Admiral?

Admiral’s original and clever approach to running a business.  It focuses heavily on providing strong leadership and creating a culture that makes work actually enjoyable, this inline with a business model that has always been ahead of its time, gives me the confidence that I work for company that will continue to be an industry innovator and a true Welsh success story.

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

Assisting with the launch of the Halifax operation in May 2007.  The intention was to visit from the UK to help hire and train new staff for about 6 months.  The launch was so successful the decision was made to hire even more people so I stayed a bit longer – that bit longer turned into managing and supporting a department of over 250 fantastic individuals, becoming a Canadian resident, getting married and having a beautiful young daughter!

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

Determined, passionate, competitive and motivated by a fast paced, ever changing approach to improving the business.  The desire and ability to inspire those around you to WANT to be the best they can be, is key to achieving our goals.