Customer Care Representative

How long have you worked at Admiral?

Since October 2010.

Describe what you do.

I am a frontline Customer Care Representative for inbound Renewals calls. I help customers achieve a competitive insurance premium and currently I am on the top priority team; meaning I generally deal with more difficult policies. 

What attracted you to Admiral?

I had a number of friends that had left their jobs to come here. I had heard Admiral wasn't just 'another call centre' and how well their employees were treated. The amount of vacation time provided and the office hours definitely played a part in my decision!

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

Star Shares! These are special sets of shares that are given to top departmental performers or those who go above and beyond to succeed in their day-to-day roles. I was awarded my first set of Star Shares in 2014 and my second set in 2016! 

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

To succeed in my role you need to be flexible & adaptable to change, open minded, confident in yourself, and have a positive/upbeat attitude. It can be a difficult job, but only you control your own success with Admiral - the harder you work, the better the results!