Customer Care Representative

How long have you worked at Admiral?

I started in August 2012. 

Describe what you do.

I dabble in a bit of everything! Recently, I’ve been assisting with supporting our new hire training classes, ensuring they’re comfortable, efficient, and knowledgeable when taking calls. I’ve also been helping with training our new systems to our tenured representatives. In addition to that, when needed, I provide peer-coaching and feedback to customer care agents who want to improve on their job performance. When I’m not doing that, I’m a Customer Care Representative, tasked with making sure our customers receive the exceptional customer service that they’ve become accustomed to.  One thing I can say about Admiral - you are given opportunities to develop beyond your core call taking role. 

What attracted you to Admiral?

To be honest, I wasn't planning on making a career out of Admiral but once I began working here, I instantly regretted not knowing about this place sooner! I was shocked to see that the people here really enjoy what they do and are actually happy. I instantly fell in love with Admiral. It’s unlike any job I’ve ever had. 

What’s your greatest success to date at Admiral?

My biggest success to date has come recently as I have been asked to assist a small group of trainers develop new training materials in preparation of a new operating system rollout.

What kind of person succeeds in your role?

A person would have to be organised, forward thinking and self motivated. You also have to be able to take a back seat, recognising that your successes are only going to show if the teammates you have worked with succeed themselves.